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The Board

Our Company is headed by a Board which is ultimately responsible for the management, general affairs, direction, performance and long-term success of the Company.

Patrick Ayota

Board Chairperson
Mr. Ayota was nominated to serve on the board by the second largest shareholder of the Company, National Social Security Fund.

Don Wanyama

CEO & Managing Director
Mr. Wanyama joined the Company as CEO in May 2021. He is a trained teacher, journalist and communications expert.

Gervase Ndyanabo

Dpty Managing Director
& Co. Secretary
Mr. Ndyanabo joined Vision Group in 1989 as an Internal Auditor. He became Chief Internal Auditor in 1995 and then Company Secretary in 2005.

Michael Nyago

Non-Executive Director
Mr. Nyago obtained a Bachelor of Economics from Makerere University and Masters in Development Economics, William College, Massachusetts from U.S.A.

Sarah Irene Walusimbi

Non-Executive Director
Mrs. Walusimbi holds a Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University and a Master in Business Administration from Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute.

Robinah Kaitiritimba Kitungi

Non-Executive Director
Ms. Kaitiritimba is a director representing the interests of individual shareholders of the Company.

Peter Kawumi

Non-Executive Director
Mr. Kawumi’s career spans over a dozen years with roles in technology, business analysis and retail banking, including leading the Digital Finance departments in regional and local banks.

Dr. Damulira Sengonzi

Non-Executive Director
Dr. Damulira is a seasoned economist with over 26 years of experience. He represents the majority shareholder.

Dr. Patricia Litho

Non-Executive Director
Dr. Litho is an academician, researcher and media practitioner with a wealth of experience spanning over 24 years. She has skills and experience in journalism, mass communication, social work, public & media relations and gender main streaming.

David Kenneth Mafabi

Non-Executive Director
Mr. Mafabi was nominated by the majority shareholders-Ministry of Finance to serve on the Board.
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